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    If you’re looking for high quality and personal plumbing and waterline repair service, you’ve come to the right place. At Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service, we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.
    We offer the best in plumbing repairs. Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way.
    At Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order 23 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    We have been serving the Victoria area since 1976. Let us put our experience to work for you. Call us in Victoria, Texas for your water heater repair, drain repair and other repair needs!
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Our Services

​Waterline Repair

Turn on your faucet and you should get clean, clear and nice flowing water. This water is delivered to you from a water line from the street, under your property and to your faucet. Generally, a water supply line works fine for a number of years but if you notice water discoloration, low pressure, or an unusual damp area in your yard you may have a water line leak. If this is the case, you can contact Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service in Victoria, TX, to handle any waterline repairs or even sewer line rerouting you may need.

If you are renovating your home, then you should contact a sewer line camera inspection service to inspect your existing water line to measure water pressure and flow to determine the right pipe configuration. It’s important to get it right before you start your project for easy, low cost repairs and installation.

Over time your pipes will start to wear and rust. Leaks and breaks in the water line can occur which will lead to flooding. We offer a 23 hour all plumbing repairs service to repair or install a new water line should an emergency arise. We will check and clear all your pipes of build up and can determine whether a sewer line replacement is needed.

If you need a waterline repair, a tunneling service, or are concerned about any other plumbing problems in Victoria, TX, contact Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service today to get all your plumbing questions answered by a trained plumber.

​Water Heater Repair

Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows how important it is to have a good water heater. The only thing worse than a cold morning, is a freezing shower to go along with it. Spare yourself the shivers and have your water heater checked by a professional plumbing repair service. Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service offers services for water heater repairs, maintenance and installation to ensure your heater is working in tip top shape, saving you from those cold showers.

When you have our plumbing company come in to handle your heating needs, you’re guaranteed a quick and efficient job. We can take a look at your water heater system to make sure everything is properly functioning. If our commercial plumber or residential plumber finds that your heater is in bad shape, our water heater repairs service will get it back up and running smoothly. If you are in need of a replacement heater or need one installed in a new home or office, we will gladly extend a helping hand to you to get these tasks done promptly.

We have extensive experience in everything related to plumbing solutions and heating services. We can offer advice and expertise to help you take care of your heating and drainage systems, as well as providing you with alternative solutions to any plumbing problems you might be facing.

We have worked our way to the top through excellent service and dedicated customer support. Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service proudly serves as Victoria, TX’s premier plumbing and water heater repair service. We also offer foundation plumbing and certified propane services.

Drain Repair

If you've noticed that your tubs and sinks aren't draining as fast as you'd like, there's probably something clogging up the pipes. If you can't solve the problem with store-bought drain cleaners, then it's time to call on a professional plumbing repair service from Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service in Victoria, TX!

We provide excellent plumbing and waterline repair services at affordable prices. A chemical solution isn't always enough, which is why we offer services to get down to the cause of the problem. Drain cleaning is an important part of basic maintenance and plumbing repair. Failure to perform regular drain cleaning will result in a slower flow of water. Your drains will soon become backed up and what's supposed to go down, goes up. Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service can help with clogged drains and drain line breakage. When you rely on Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service, a licensed plumber will remove the blockages and have your drains working smoothly again. If you notice any difference in the speed of drainage, call us for a consultation. We are happy to help in any capacity.

If you’re looking for a quick responding, emergency plumbing service in Victoria, TX, to help with your drain repair needs, Arnold's Plumbing & Reroute Service is the dedicated service to call!

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